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We have experience in a wide range of industries. Click on each of the services below to learn more about our offerings under those.

Public Relations

In a world that's ever changing, to stay relevant, businesses need to understand their audience and speak their language. Check out the services we offer under this.
Our Public Relations Services

Some of our Public Relations Services include:


In a noisy world, we help to provide clarity and help businessesforge a bond with their target audience.


We’ll help you develop a media strategy guaranteed to deliver results, identify the right media for your business, event, product, and leverage existing relationships with the media to get your business maximum exposure.


Using tested strategies, we’ll help you achieve that goal of being a thought leader in your field.


Working on entertainment brands in film and music has shown that very few people and businesses in the industry pay attention to PR. We’ll help you stand out and amplify your work.


If you have ever struggled with articulating what you do, what your business is about or what your product offers, you should talk to us. We’ll craft that message that’ll resonate with the target audience.


Together, we’ll identify shows, places, and platforms where your audience can be found and put your product or service right in front of them.


We’ll craft the right content suitable for media consumption, allowing you to control and own your own narrative rather than leave it in the hands of the media or bloggers.


A largely overlooked section. Your sports club deserves all the publicity it can get. You, dear sports person needs personal branding and publicity too. Fans can’t follow if they don’t know what’s happening. We’ll tell stories that connect and give you the needed lift.


If you want to pull off a successful event, you should let us handle the process. From newsletters to publicity to venue, we’ll help you pull off an event you can be proud of.



With experience working on brands in a wide range of industries, we can help you and your business navigate tricky terrains.
Our Consulting Services

Some of our Consulting Services include:


From the idea stage, we will work with you to bring that idea to life, providing valuable advise guaranteed to ensure that your business succeeds.


Let’s work together to ensure the success of your event. We’ll make a list of the goals and decide a workable approach to make your event a success.


Whether it’s a one-off campaign or a continuing one, we’ll help you identify your target audience, figure out where to find them, what to tell them and ensure your campaign achieves set goals.



Let's work together to develop a killer strategy that will get your business from the planning stage to execution and achieve desired results.
Our Strategy Services

Some of our Strategy Services include:

Media Strategy

We’ll help you identify the media platforms we will use to reach your audience and develop a strategy that’ll ensure wide reach and help you achieve your goals.

Business Strategy

Give your business the Ndiyo Media advantage. Let’s work together from the idea phase on a strategy that will help you achieve your business goals.

Communication Strategy

Let’s work together to list your communication goals, identify your target audience, create a foolproof communication plan and define channels of execution.



Your business needs a unique digital presence. That's how you stand out. Let's navigate the waters together to get you that uniqueness and consistency guaranteed to deliver results.
Our Digital Services

Some of our Digital Services include:

Social Media Management

If you want your social media pages to stand out, you should talk to us. We have experience managing social media presence across different platforms from the goofy to the professional ones.

Influencer Engagement

Before starting an influencer campaign, take a minute and talk to us. After identifying your target audience, we’ll help you engage niche influencers in your market or those whose personal brand aligns with your intended audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want your business, service, writing to rank online, we should talk. We understand how SEO works, and the tricks and tips that can help you rank.

Lead Management

Let’s talk about getting you leads and guiding them from the signup phase all the way to the buying phase.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is alive and well. You may not have a database of subscribers interested in your business, products or service now but you’ll do soon enough.

Content Planning & Development

How do you post online? Do you ‘do it anyhow’? You should have a content plan of what you’ll post daily and when. Let’s handle that part for you.


Social Impact

Having worked on projects in the civil society and managed NGO campaigns, we can help you articulate your organization's commitment to social issues, develop a plan, and a strategy to execute it.
Our Social Impact Services

Some of our Social Impact services include:

Corporate Social Responsibility

In trying to give back to the society, we can help you design a CSR plan that matches your goals and objectives.

Nonprofit Branding

Whether you are trying to communicate your nonprofit’s activities to the public or trying to get the attention of donors, you should talk to us.

Consumer Engagement Campaigns

Ever seen a campaign that caught on like a wildfire? Yeah, you deserve something better.

Volunteerism Engagement

Trying to get volunteers on board for your campaign or event? Let’s sit together and figure out your goals. Then sit back and watch the volunteers come in.



Writing is common. Great writing is rare. Let's work together to ensure you only get great writing. From scripts for short films, adverts, feature-length films, web content, etc.
Our Content Services


Stories are powerful. Let us tell yours. We write scripts for short films, features, tv shows, documentaries, and more.

Script for Adverts

Reach your audience with the right message. Ads that connect with the intended audience provoke a response. You deserve an ad like that for your business.


We create copies and content that drive growth. We will help your business develop a unique voice and speak to your customers in that unique voice.

Web Content

It’s not enough to have an online presence, it matters too that you have the right content – quality content – on your website or media platforms. Let’s talk about getting you that.

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