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We are a tribe of creative storytellers breathing life into businesses and connecting them with the intended audience. Our experience working in different industries means that we understand audience languages across a wide range of industries and speak those languages fluently.
We don’t believe in just meeting expectations; we believe in surpassing them. We live for blowing minds.
Are you trying to launch a new business and have set targets that must be met? Let’s put you in the right position to surpass those targets.
Are you trying to get visibility for a new brand or an existing one? Let’s talk about it. Do you have a product that’s not growing and yielding the returns you expect? Talk to us. What, you are trying to craft a brand message that will connect with your intended audience? Hit us up and let’s make magic happen.
Do you want campaigns that grab public attention and sticks? Say hello and let’s make it happen together. You’ve been struggling with creating content that draws engagement? Come on! Make that call and let’s turn things around.
Did you know that Ndiyo is a Swahili word that means Yes? Well, now you do.
So, Yes, we are the right fit. Yes, we’ve got what it takes to turn your business around. Yes, we can help you get that visibility your company needs. Yes, we can create that connection between you and your target audience. Yes, we can help engage your target community with interesting content. Yes, we can help build a solid and sustainable relationship between your brand and the media. Yes, we can bring your brand to limelight and keep you in the full view of the public.
We are Ndiyo Media and yes, you are in safe hands.

What do we

We don't see boxes. We don't fit in any boxes. When it comes to delivering results, we have a team that ignores conventions and challenges traditions. We are about results first. Everything else comes a distant second.
Public Relations
In a world that's ever changing, to stay relevant, businesses need to understand their audience and speak their language. Check out the services we offer under this.
With experience working on brands in a wide range of industries, we can help you and your business navigate tricky terrains.
Let's work together to develop a killer strategy that will get your business from the planning stage to execution and achieve desired results.
Your business needs a unique digital presence. That's how you stand out. Let's navigate the waters together to get you that uniqueness and consistency guaranteed to deliver results.
Social Impact
Having worked on projects in the civil society and managed NGO campaigns, we can help you articulate your organization's commitment to social issues, develop a plan, and a strategy to execute it.
Writing is common. Great writing is rare. Let's work together to ensure you only get great writing. From scripts for short films, adverts, feature-length films, web content, etc.

Praise For
Ndiyo Media

Different level!

James and Ndiyo Media are on a different level entirely. You can always count on them to deliver.
Profice Pharmacy

Very competent

The professional way they go about their business is highly commendable.
Lashone Group

Saved my Business

I’ve worked with them more than once and definitely got value for my money.
Homeric Spices


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We are a tribe of creative storytellers telling amazing brand stories that connect with the intended audience. Will you let us tell your story today?
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