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From Ideas
To Results

We have developed a rock-solid process for achieving results. From our first contact with you to your first smile when you see results.

STEP 1First Contact

The first step is our first contact. This is where we discuss what you want to do/achieve.

STEP 2Review

After the first contact, we will send a document that highlights what was discussed and what you want to achieve to be sure we are on the same page.

STEP 3The Pitch

When you agree with the review sent, a document will be sent in 48 hours, telling you how we plan to help you achieve what you want to achieve and what it will cost.

STEP 4Agreement

If you like the pitch sent, we can proceed to the next stage. If you'd like to make edits, we will do that at this stage before we proceed.

STEP 5Payment

Once an agreement has been reached on the pitch sent, payment will be required to start work. 70% of payment is required to commence work, with the remaining 30% expected to be paid on completion.

STEP 6Execution

When payment is received, the work will commence. You'll be sent updates and reports on the work that is being done.


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